10 TIPS to Reduce Your Carbs

Reducing our carbon footprint is now becoming a matter of not only national importance but globally. We can all do our bit to help.

Here are 10 tips to reduce your carbon footprint – it can also reduce your costs!

1. Become a Green Team

Getting people in your business on board the green train can be one of the biggest challenges. Raising awareness of the business’s environmental plans can be as simple as incorporating information into employee starter packs and part of your business strategy. Get a team of ‘green team champions’ together to run initiatives and engagement pieces that can help spark awareness and discussion.

2. Complete an Energy Consumption Audit

A number of private companies and government bodies can carry out an audit of your energy consumption. Not only will it identify where savings can be made, you will also be able to devise sustainable strategies to help reduce the harmful greenhouse gases your business is producing and how you can offset the impact.

3. Become a Genuine Paperless Office

Many offices consume vast amounts of paper. Taking action to cut down this use, especially by reducing printing, and digitising more actions. One simple thing is to default printing to double-sided with black ink rather than colour. Also monitoring who is printing in the office and assess if this can be reduced. Look at rewarding the person who reduces their printing the most.4. Be Energy Efficient

Use energy efficient lighting such as LED lights and replace old lights with these. Use energy efficient office equipment such as computers and printers. The simple act of switching off appliances at the end of the day will help reduce your small business’s carbon footprint and save money.

5. Recycle Waste

All businesses generate waste and it’s important businesses get into the habit of recycling their waste. Installing a series of recycle bins for specific waste will ensure the right materials go to the right recycling unit. Encourage staff by giving them a gift of reusable green cups to introduce green practices.

6. Cut Back on Travel

Business travel, especially flights, can make up over half of many business’ carbon emissions. Cutting travel down, especially if meetings can be held over video conferencing, can make a huge difference. Not only will this cut emissions, but it can save your business a lot of money by cutting down flight costs. Also consider paying a little extra by selecting the carbon offset charge on the airfare.

7. Use Recycled Products

If you have implemented a recycling system in your small business, which recycles materials such as used paper, printer cartridges and plastic, take the system a step further by purchasing new products in their recycled form. Encourage your suppliers to provide recycled goods for you to use.

8. Ensure Your Office is Well Insulated

There are a number of technology systems that can be implemented to increase the heating and energy efficiency of your office. This will not only help reduce your carbon emissions but will reduce energy bills.

9. Encourage Sustainable Commuting

Encourage your staff to walk, cycle or use public transport rather than drive to work. Encourage working from home. If you have cars for your business, use the most energyefficient, perhaps an electric or hybrid car.

10. Offset with Tree Planting

A business’s carbon footprint cannot be eradicated entirely and a good way to further reduce it is to offset the business’s environmental impact by planting sustainably managed trees.

NB CHU is committed to be a carbon neutral business and has signed a three-year agreement with environmental scientist/explorer Tim Jarvis’s Forktree project in combating climate change and biodiversity loss. The project involves restoring a 53ha former pastoral property on the Fleurieu Peninsula. The land currently has about 30-40 native trees on it but should have 30-40,000.

This article was supplied by CHU Underwriting Agencies #cutcarbs2020 #jointhegreenteam

Although the present business landscape has been altered by COVID-19, there will come a time when we have some business normality. The impact our businesses have on the environment will again be a major issue. These 10 tips will be of value in reducing our carbon footprint when your business re-opens.

Disclaimer: CHU Underwriting Agencies Pty Ltd (ABN 18 001 580 070, AFS Licence No: 243261) acts under a binding authority as agent of the insurer QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited (ABN 78 003 191 035, AFS Licence No: 239545). Any advice in this article is general advice only and has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.

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